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this will be a real company one day.

if you have any questions about how real it gets…text (424) 999-5841

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U.S. Crypto Community CELEBRATES Reggie Middleton Veritaseum DEFI Patent for Black History Month.

This is HUGE!In order to REALLY celebrate how HUGE this announcement is…we must DECLARE Black History Month to be MONTHLY!!!Start here: Devices, Systems, and Methods for Facilitating Low Trust and Zero Trust Value Transfers Abstract Devices, systems, and methods enabling parties with little trust or no trust in each other to enter into and enforce…

the buy some sage (crypto) group

I have been trying to tell the people about Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin for a long time.I have been putting up flyers and going door-to-door in the hood. The people MUST know about the technology. Some believe that MANY people will be left behind if they don’t get involved with cryptocurrency and the other aspects of…

The BIGGEST and BEST Marketing and PR (public relations) Firm in the World!

I realize what I am doing is HUGE. Because of that, having our OWN Marketing and PR firm is most needed to create and disseminate our content.Who ARE we and WHAT is our idea?Buy Some Sage is a Production Company.We PRODUCE results!There is a NEED in the people. That is a fact! But, what people?…

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